Exhibition: Of Love and Sea at Hull Truck Theatre

Exhibition: Of Love and Sea at Hull Truck Theatre

Running from 15 January - 13 March 2020. Date for the diary: Pre Valentine's day ‘Of Love and Sea’ Social and Launch event 13 Feb, Upper foyer at 6:30pm. Free to attend, limited tickets - bookable via link at the end of this article.

Two artists are joining forces for the exhibition Of Love And Sea, at Hull Truck Theatre from 15 January 2020 until 13 March 2020.

Sam Fowler and Moïe display their work jointly as a duo for the first time. Both artists have different styles, approaches, work in different mediums and each has a different reason for creating work on canvas. However, having worked together previously as part of the What Is? Collective, they have also identified similarities in their creative practice and work as artists.

Sam Fowler said: “My work has quite a naïve quality and is influenced by overheard conversations and children's art. There's a lot of playfulness and storytelling involved but, like many artists, I never quite know what the end result will be when I start a new piece.  Often the work is really heartbreaking in some way, there is a sense of loss but alongside that there is also hope and I explore the connection between those two opposite ends of the emotional spectrum.

Fowler's mixed media on canvas artwork sees a naïve style complemented by text that sees short stories and emotional words alongside imagery. Artist Moïe's large scale textured, multi layered mixed media pieces are often created on recycled hand stretched canvas.

Moïe said: “My work is more abstract and surreal. I have a graphic design background which may have influenced an exploration of negative space and balance. But also, as part of my process I explore naturally occurring effects between materials and light by using materials such as light responsive inks, golf leaf and light absorbing surfaces. As a result the work often looks different between night and day. Lots of my work presents what looks like aerial depictions of the earth or views from a distant vantage point from space. They are what I would call 'meditationscapes', influenced by aerial perspectives of light on sea.

There's something connected to where we both live, near the coast and by the river and estuary, and the connection we have to water. We live on low-lying land at risk from flooding. And this awareness, plus the beauty of the views of water from above have been in my thoughts while creating work for this exhibition.

There is a playful element to the work of both artists.

Sam Fowler added: “Our work is playful and, for me, I like the storytelling element. There are short  stories that enable you to read into them whatever you like. They don't tell the full story but there is a story nevertheless. I like exploring relationships and I find people pretty fascinating.

Both artists are looking forward to exhibiting their work in a natural home of storytelling and narrative.

Moïe said: Moïe said: “I like the idea of putting work in a theatre so we're really excited to be showing work at Hull Truck. A theatre is a place of narrative and it challenges makes me think of the work in different ways.

Sam Fowler added: “People go to the theatre to experience stories. That is within my work and people can take their own story forward themselves from a couple of lines. But equally, thinking about Sarah's work, it could be a landscape, a spacescape, from which people can develop their own narrative.

The title Of Love and Sea combines each artist's individual recurrent subject matter and themes. The potential for the exhibition followed a conversation with Paul Bennett at Hull Truck Theatre, who first suggested the Ferensway building as a great place to put visual artwork on display.

Moïe said: “I hadn't really thought about exhibiting at Truck before but it seems like the perfect place to share our work and explore the connections between what we both do.

Sam Fowler added: “People relate to art in very different, personal ways but there is often a sense that we feel the same way and think the same things.

The exhibition will also provide the opportunity to purchase original pieces of art. Of Love and Sea is free to attend and available to view throughout Hull Truck's normal opening hours.

The exhibition, which will include existing work and new work created especially for Of Love and Sea, opens on January 15th and a free launch event and an opportunity to meet the artists will take place the day before Valentines day on February 13th. Please book free tickets here as numbers are limited.

To see more from the artists, please find relevant Twitter handles below:

@artistmoie / @samborambo / @whatiscollective