Hull UK City of Culture 2017

The story so far…

When in 2013 it was announced that Hull was to be UK City of Culture 2017, the city erupted with huge excitement. It’s an award given every four years to a city that demonstrates the belief in the transformative power of culture. Here was an unprecedented opportunity to put Hull on the map and to help build a legacy, positioning it as a place to live, visit, study and invest in.

Culture Company (Hull 2017), established to deliver on that promise, set out to produce 365 days of great art and cultural events inspired by the city and told to the world. The ambition was to create a nationally significant event that celebrates the unique character of Hull, its people and heritage. It offers a programme that takes in every art form, from theatre and performance, to visual arts and literature, to music and film, which goes into every corner of the city, whilst showcasing it nationally.

Working with local as well as national and international artists and cultural institutions, Hull 2017 also draws on the distinctive spirit of the city and the artists, writers, directors, musicians, revolutionaries and thinkers that have made such a significant contribution to the development of art and ideas. The positive reaction to the programme has exceeded all expectations, with Hull now being taken seriously as a cultural destination for must-see events. 

Hull's exceptional year is divided into four curated seasons: Made in Hull (Jan-Mar), Roots & Routes (Apr-Jun), Freedom (Jul-Sept) and Tell The World (Oct-Dec). 

2017 at Hull Truck Theatre...

As part of our Hull UK City of Culture 2017 programme we’re producing work at an unprecedented scale with some of the largest cast sizes ever to grace our stages. We are thrilled to be working with an exceptional range of internationally renowned artists and companies, commissioning writers to produce world premières right here in Hull and working with local people to tell their own unique stories.

“2017 is a unique opportunity for Hull and we have programmed a year of ambitious and exceptional drama, telling powerful human stories which resonate with our city and beyond. After the years of waiting and planning, it’s finally here – don’t miss this chance to see world-class theatre from the heart of Hull.”

Mark Babych, Artistic Director