Schools Discover Day

A pre-show event for school students to gain a deeper understanding of the play they’re studying. From the play’s original context to rehearsal techniques and important themes, this is a chance to see and discuss how a production comes to life.

Ticket: £17.50

The price includes a school discover day workshop and a show ticket.
There is one free teacher ticket available for every 10 students booked.


Two Wed 18 Mar

10am – 12.30pm: Schools Discover workshop
2pm – Matinee performance
Post-show Q&A

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Thu 9 Jul
4.30 – 6.30pm: Schools Discover workshop
7.30pm: Evening performance
Post-show Q&A

If your school isn’t available on the above dates, but you would like a deeper insight in to the production, please contact our Creative Learning team on 01482 488209 or email, to find out about workshops at the theatre or in your setting.