PRS Foundation New Music Biennial

12-14 July 2019

A unique snapshot of UK contemporary music across two major festivals, on air and online, PRS Foundation’s New Music Biennial returns to Hull for 2019.

This critically acclaimed free festival features brand new music by the most exciting music creators working in the UK today and includes new, global music across all genres; from electronic to jazz, folk to chamber music, orchestral to music for kora, gamelan, oud and organ. Pushing the boundaries of new music, many of the pieces experiment with projection, installation, spoken word and dance.

Presenting and commissioning works of no longer than 15 minutes, the New Music Biennial provides a unique pop-up and accessible way for audiences to discover new music and learn more about the pieces from the artists themselves through Q&A sessions.

The programme also includes an ambitious outdoor piece, Music For Seven Ice Cream Vans, by award-winning composer Dan Jones, commissioned by Absolutely Cultured. Appearing in various locations over the weekend, the vans weave in and out of each other to create a mesmerising symphony of different clustered sounds and a shared soundscape.

New Biennial is supported by: Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Arts Council of Wales, Hull University, The John S Cohen Foundation, The Richard Thomas Foundation, The Radcliffe Trust, RVW Trust, The Finzi Trust, The Bliss Trust and the BBC Concert Orchestra.