Hull Truck Theatre


Written by Mike Leigh
Directed by Amanda Huxtable


Hull Truck Theatre

Abigail's Party

Written by Mike Leigh
Directed by Amanda Huxtable

Welcome to suburban Britain in the 1970s. Beverly and Laurence have invited their neighbours Angela and Tony, and single Sue, round for a party. Except it’s not really a party, it’s drinks, nibbles and snobby comments as Beverly tries to be a model of middle class behaviour and taste.

Down the road, the real party is happening at Sue’s house, where her teenage daughter Abigail and her mates are having the time of their lives.

As rock music filters in from outside, the cracks begin to show. For all their fancy things, Beverly and Laurence can barely hide their dislike of each other, and hard-working, upwardly mobile Angela and Tony are struggling with the mortgage.  

Mike Leigh’s comedy masterpiece has been a hit on stage and TV and looks at what happens when we forget to be true to ourselves. Directed by Amanda Huxtable, this production looks at what happens when we create ‘us’ and ‘them’.


Katharine Bennett-Fox

Beverly Moss

Rebecca Charles

Susan Lawson

Duncan MacInnes

Laurence Moss

Ani Nelson

Angela Cooper

Daniel Ward

Tony Cooper


Mike Leigh


Amanda Huxtable


Emma Williams


Arnim Friess

Lighting and Digital Designer

Adam McCready

Sound Designer