Hull Truck Theatre presents


by Mick Martin


Hull Truck Theatre presents

The Flame-Haired Dynamo

by Mick Martin

Chris McCann’s life is going nowhere. He’s out of work, out of money and out of luck. His kids don’t understand him and his wife’s at her wits’ end. Worst of all, it’s Christmas.

Is Chris in the mood for mistletoe and wine? No. He can’t afford them for a start! He’s blown what cash he had on old Christmas Annuals so he can revisit the world of his boyhood heroes, especially Titch McCreavie, the Flame-Haired Dynamo – a superstar footballer, 1970’s style.

As Christmas day approaches, Chris withdraws into the cartoon world of perfect goals, perfect girls, flared jeans and fondue parties – with some rather surprising results.

This Christmas Hull Truck invites you to join Chris on a hilarious and heartfelt journey – part Back to the Future, part A Christmas Carol, all brilliantly unhinged!


Mick Martin


Nick Lane


Pip Leckenby

Set and Costume Designer

Katie Harris

Assistant Director

Graham Kirk

Lighting Designer

Tristan Parkes


Matt Thompson

Sound Designer

Kev F. Sutherland



James Weaver

Chris McCann

Fiona Wass

Debbie and Julie

Catherine Lamb

Fiona and Jackie

David MacCreedy

Titch McCreavie

Ray Castleton

Grandad, Sergeant Craddock and Mr Selby