Hull Truck Theatre presents

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Adapted and Directed by Nick Lane

Henry Jekyll is close to a discovery that will change medical science forever - but his methods are less than ethical.

When a close friend threatens his work, Jekyll is forced to experiment on himself and something goes very wrong. Or very right.

Love, betrayal and murder combine in a chilling adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of good and evil. 

Creative Team

Robert Louis Stevenson


Adapter and Director

Nick Lane

Set and Lighting Designer

Graham Kirk


Tristan Parkes

Sian Thomas

Costume Designer

Andrew Smaje

Executive Producer

Kate Denby


Tour Booker

Phil Hargreaves at DepArts

Fran Maskell

Head of Production

Amy Clarey

Sound Technician

Laura O'Connor

Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor

Kirk Production

Set Build


James Weaver

Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde

John Gully

Utterson / Lanyon

Joanna Miller