Oska Bright Film Festival on Tour

The leading international festival of shorts made by learning disabled artists is bringing its eclectic mix to Hull Truck.

Funded by the BFI and touring all over the UK. 

“Oska Bright is brilliant!” says Andrea Arnold (OBE, Cannes Jury Prize 2016) – come and see why…

Carousel supports learning disabled artists to manage, produce and promote their creative work. This includes the international short film festival Oska Bright (November 2017), several bands and solo artist Daniel Wakeford and Creative Minds, the national conversation about learning disability arts’ place in culture and society.

Carousel is funded by Arts Council England (as a National Portfolio Organisation) Brighton and Hove City Council and a range of trusts and foundations. It is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.


Coco Butter by The Fish Police (UK 2014)
In this video there are lots of people dancing to The Fish Police, following the lyrics of the song in sign language.

Metopra by Sebastian Gator (UK 2014)
Come on a journey into a gothic, otherworldly fairytale; a ruined world where themes of loss and death blur the lines between reality and imagination.

Hardcore on Tour by Zombie Crash and LAE Productions (UK 2015)
Zombie Crash arrives at their homecoming gig at the end of a long hard tour and finds that a boy-band has been given their slot on stage. They are not impresses; Zombie Crash has no time for manufactured pop niceness.

Kairo by Station 17 and Aron Krause (Germany 2014)
We wanted to fly to Cairo, but we hadn't enough money. So we got a camel and drove to the Baltic Sea.

A Skeleton's Best Friend by Lissea Jordan (UK 2014)
A mixed media animation about a lonely skeleton looking for a loyal friend.

Whinstor Norville by Eric Bent (Canada 2015)
The stuffy food critic Whinstor Norville goes out one night to the very exclusive Gothique restaurant. But as he is eating, a demonic presence comes alive and causes chaos all over the place.

Bastion by Ray Jacobs, Jonathan Tritton and James Doolan (UK 2014)
A completely bald man walks into the barbers after catching his reflection in the butcher's window. Bastion explores the boundaries between play, imagination and sanity.

Like in the Movies by Poti Pictures, Francesco Faralli and Daniele Bonarini (Italy 2013)
Poti Pictures are a group of filmmakers who live in Arezzo, Tuscany. This short goes behind the scenes of their latest production and talks to the stars of the film.

Just Me by Matthew Kennedy (UK 2013)
A powerful short exploring gender identity, disability and other themes.

One Fine Day by Freefall Dance Company and Sima Gonsai (UK 2014)
Travel through an imagined world in One Fine Day. This short dance film presents a collection of rhythmic and witty scenarios capturing the whimsical world of Freefall Dance Company.

Skin Touching Sky by Emma Norton, Kat Worth and Alta Truden (Australia 2015)
Emma has always dreamt of being a dancer, now as an adult she is fulfilling her dreams. The film shows who she is and how proud she is of her achievements.

The Fourth by William Hanekom (UK 2015)
After a man passes away, he reawakens as a ghost. Upon realising this he is unwillingly pursued and converted by a trio of dark spirits. This is the origin of the fourth.