Grace Surman presents

Mother Load: Things Stack Up & Performance with Hope

A double bill of work investigating and reflecting on relationships between parent and child

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Solo performance, 45 mins

In THINGS STACK UP, Grace Surman takes the touchy and often controversial subject of education as the basis for exploring ideas around creativity, capitalism and physicality.

Grace gives us her vision of how we might burst through the boundaries of accepted behaviour and coaxes us through a manifesto about power, chaos, emotion, gender and sensuality.

“… clever, humongous and fiercely insightful. “
Wieke Eringa, Artistic Director, Yorkshire Dance



Work in progress, duet, 30 mins

“Why have I put my daughter on the stage?”

She knows it’s really not the thing to do – standing on stage with her 9-year-old child, Grace and Hope make decisions together: Grace makes decisions and takes care of her daughter, whilst Hope makes decisions and takes care of her mother.

Here we are in a space together – Grace is raising a woman in front of you. She’s trying her best. Do you recognise something in her?
Catch her in action.

“This tender piece will have parents laughing and crying in recognition.”
The Skinny, Edinburgh Festival