Frozen Light


A tale of unexpected friendship

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Frozen Light


A tale of unexpected friendship

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Exploring a new and unknown world, Home immerses audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) in a multi-sensory story of discovery. Home is the latest bold and exciting production from Frozen Light.

The world is not how they remember it. Where are they now and where is their home? Scarlet and Olive must learn how to survive and create a future together in an environment that is full of surprises.  Will the stars shine on this unexpected friendship? And how will they face the challenges that lie ahead?

Supported by Arts Council England, The Point Eastleigh and The Garage.

Important: This performance is aimed at audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.

Recommended age: 13+

‘HOME is powerful piece of theatre about loss, separation, fear, loneliness, reconciliation, hope and rebuilding relationships – human life, in fact. And those things matter to people with PMLD as much as they do to anyone else’

Sardines Magazine

‘The whole team make what is a very sophisticated, caringly crafted mixture of music and other sensory elements seem fresh, and above all unthreatening and rather magical’

The Herald Scotland (On previous production ‘The Forest’)

‘The really ingenious thing about this show by Frozen Light is that it speaks to all five senses…It takes a very special sort of talent to work appropriately – thinking all the time on your feet – with a potentially unpredictable audience. These three have it in spades.’

The Stage