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The Roaring Girls

Broken Little Robots

Part rant, part confession, and part disco-party. This is Broken Little Robots by The Roaring Girls. 

Everyone has found themselves feeling broken at some point. Anxiety, depression, fear: we all have that one button that shouldn't be touched. Broken Little Robots is about that feeling, but it’s a positive show. We're dealing with big problems, but we want you to leave energised, not scared. There will be sad moments, but you won't be sad for long. We're looking into our pasts, but we're also looking forward to tomorrow. It ends in a dance party. Just warning you now. There may be a confetti cannon but only when you least expect it. We're talking about mental health in a very informal way, because these things don't have to be big and scary (even though they may feel that way). We want to talk about living with the problems in our lives; living with depression and anxiety. It's about living and surviving, not imploding.


Rachael Abbey

Jess Morley

James Frewer


Lizi Perry


Rachael Abbey and the Company


James Frewer