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The sun rises over a buzzing desert,
a chick hatches.
The eagle leaves the nest in search of food.
Below, the Meerkats are alert.
The Journey begins...

Step inside Mimika Theatre’s white dome and experience this magical and intimate show. Performed to small audiences who are taken on a journey to four lovingly realised landscapes from desert to rainforest, from beneath the sea to Antarctica.

Using no words, Landscapes beautifully combines crafted puppets with an original musical score, stunning visual effects and an ingenious set to create a theatre which wonderfully captures the atmosphere, rhythms and sounds of the natural world.

This is a journey that no child should miss and and a theatrical experience that all adults will find unforgettable.

Mimika Theatre have performed this hugely successful show to children in Europe, the USA, Canada, South East Asia and China.

Age range : 4 - 11 years

‘Landscapes wove an enchanting tale before our very eyes... The audience was absolutely captivated. The performance didn’t need words to make it an unforgettable experience. It was pure magic.’

Telegraph & Argus, Yorkshire

‘The visual effects are stunning, the puppets are superbly crafted and their movements are so gracefully choreographed that it is easy to forget they are not real... this is a rich and gentle experience.’

The Newsletter, Belfast

‘Landscapes is by far one of the most mesmerising children’s theatre pieces I’ve ever seen.’

The Calgary Sun, Canada