Frantic Assembly Ignition 2016

Are you male? Age 16 - 20? Energetic and risk-taking? Ignition is Frantic Assembly's free training programme for young men in the UK. If you enjoy high energy, physical activities then this is for you. No experience necessary. 

Sign up to the taster workshop at Hull Truck Theatre on Wednesday 14 September to try out Frantic Assembly’s style of theatre. If you like what you've tried, you can sign up to the Hull trial workshop which is where Frantic Assembly will be selecting the final company for 2016.

Ignition is Frantic Assembly's free vocational training programme for young men. Through Taster and Trial workshops across the UK, we will find 12 of the bravest and boldest boys to form the Ignition 2016 Company. To find out more about the process, have a look at the Frantic Ignition website. 


Taster - Wednesday 14 September, 5pm - 7pm, Hull Truck Theatre
Trial - Thursday 29 September, 4pm onwards, Hull Truck Theatre