Corporate opportunities

Hull Truck Theatre is seeking to build strong relationships with businesses during and beyond City of Culture 2017.

Developing partnerships with local businesses is a core part of the theatre’s development and allows us to forge new relationships to support the thousands of people who benefit from our engagement projects. We are also a vital cultural asset to the regeneration of Hull and we bring significant additional income to this region through visitors and our touring operation, as well as contributing to Hull’s national profile.

Our new SPOTLIGHT partnership scheme brings together like-minded companies and individuals who share a vision for Hull that includes a strong cultural offer with a producing theatre at its heart. SPOTLIGHT partners receive meaningful benefits that are easy-to-use and which help fulfil their marketing, hospitality and Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

By getting involved you can become part of our future and take advantage of the associations that go hand in hand with our diverse cultural offering.

For more information about corporate packages and relationships please contact Director of Development, Davide Calogero, on 01482 488294 /